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Although it is a huge part of the production, having a stunning corporate film is only a tiny portion of what makes a corporate film work. While you may have discovered a corporation that is capable of filming everything in High Definition (HD) with the finest digital cameras, they can still make a corporate film that is uninteresting and doesn’t accomplish what you desire.

Fortunately, it is important to do some invest

What Happens When Bots Start Writing Code Instead of Humans?

2016-12-06 20:49:36 by Brandberry Marcom

"It might be a hundred years before an artificial machine beats humans at Go Board Game — maybe even more."  - The Hindustan Times 1997

Master of Go Board Game Is whacked by Google Computer Program Alpha Go" - The Hindustan Times

Software development in India and around the world has moved through huge paradigm shifts over the last few decades. Once bounded to developers with years of learning or access to pricey servers, web developmen

If an Advertising Agency is Guaranteeing ROI, Run the Other Way

2016-12-02 21:09:39 by Brandberry Marcom

We have something important to share that may offend every advertising agency in India. In fact, it may also offend you, as every business dreams of finding that ultimate solution, that reliable clarification that lets you know that you’re making great decisions to build brand awareness and expand your business.

The reality is, there’s no way to try both innovative things and promise positive R