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Ways to Whisk in Stock Images in your Small Videos with Ease

2017-02-06 20:25:58 by BrandBerry Marcom

Video production is an out and out creative field and has a lot of untapped potential.  Visual elements that are used to create a video, should be judiciously selected to produce a worthwhile visual visage.  Stock images are one such elements that are heavily used in a lot of videos and can be used to create much better visuals than the ones captured in motion. Stretching an image for longer duration on a layer is an easy work while editing but making it l

Creating Better Icon Designs with these Simple Steps

2017-02-02 20:43:45 by BrandBerry Marcom

In today's digital age, we are flooded with icons. They are omnipresent now- on our laptops, on our phones, on our tablets, on our TVs, on OOH hoardings, advertisements, just everywhere. No doubt, they are fascinating and very useful. Iconography is also an ever evolving subject.  Let us therefore, explore how graphic designers and web designers in India can get more creative

Bare Essentials To Your Content Management Strategy

2017-01-31 20:09:41 by BrandBerry Marcom

Dealing with content and marketing your content is a field where you need strategy at every step of the process, failing at which means to have lost a huge number of potential followers and leads. You need a content management strategy because you often deal with a community of ardent learners. For your business content to be useful, it should primarily be informative and not only promotional. You most often get the marketing benefits by pushing out great content