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It’s a known fact that advertising has become a regular and an integral part of our lives, both urban and rural. Most of the products we use are also there in our households because ads have influenced our psyche to purchase them, even though we may not necessarily require them. Top advertising agencies have left no stone unturned to reach their audiences. Mobile advertising is one such arena where advertisers have realized that potential to

Titan Knows How to Win the Hearts of Aspirational Women in India

2017-02-20 21:16:56 by Brandberry Marcom

Pregnancy has become suave, fashionable and not something that should keep you away from living your life, your way.  And Titan knows how to encapsulate the feeling, relate it to their premium products and make it sellable. In its latest ad for Titan Raga collection, produced by Ogilvy and Mather, the company has shown the affiliation between the time that is lived by a woman since the time she is a child to a life where she is ready to be a mum herself, with

Basic Steps to Becoming a Successful Web Developer

2017-02-16 21:08:12 by Brandberry Marcom

 Let’s check if your are clear with your why and what-

For any developer or a designer, it is more important to have a clear answer to WHY you want to be one and  what do you want to create with the skill. Is it because you find web developing fascinating or you have serious inclination and understanding of the subject? Web development can only be mastered if you get in to the skin of the subj