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Social media is an essential part of the worldwide web. People connect withsocial media platforms,every day. Social media platforms are accessible around the world but particularly in India,according to a statement by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association India), "66% of the 180 million online users in urban India frequently access social media platforms. Whereas, 33% college students are frequent social media users form the biggest demographic in India, non


In business, one of the major significant things is an essential idea. That ‘Great Idea’ as it is phrased by advertising agencies is the bug seed that nurtures into a bigger narrative that informs your viewers everything about the business. If the bugseed is damaged, the narrative strandunties.
That is the major issue with the new Rs.2,000 currency note launched by the government about 3 weeks ago. It is a hodge podge of random motifs and patterns

Google Fiber Might Change the TV Commercial Market in India Next

2016-11-28 17:52:00 by BrandBerry Marcom

Google, the corporation that build itself into a trillion-dollar business by reaching web viewers with the right ad at the right time is trying to change the TV commercial market now.

The corporation’s Fiber division has been analyzing TV commercial sharpshooting, preparing to entice advertisers with pinpoint position to convey commercials to an audience that truly wants to have them.