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The Transition from Ps to Vs and a Sustainable Marcom Mix

2017-01-06 18:06:14 by BrandBerry Marcom

Markets thrive on a sustainable culture of buying and selling which should be in tune with delivering a healthy customer relationship. Communication has come to play a pivotal role streamlining market forces and align with a new media culture. With digitalization of communication media, a trend has been set to reach your audiences spread far and wide, at the hit of a post or send button. Things have become simpler for many but difficult for some.

Some FAQs About Radio Advertisement

2017-01-02 21:00:05 by BrandBerry Marcom

Radio advertisements are one of the best ways in which one can advertise and promote their company. It offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to reach out to your target audience, with minimal expenditure and a rather thoughtful campaign that lasts in the minds of the listeners for a good time to accelerate your sales. People have several reservations also regarding whether or not to opt for radio advertis

Out-loud Tips for Beginners in SEO Content Writing

2016-12-26 20:34:05 by BrandBerry Marcom

Content writing has become a huge sensation in the World Wide Web platform. Not only this is an "it" trend for the startups but also is equally and widely accepted and practiced by the corporate world, industrial world for the promotion of their business. Content writing has been given an edge above other normal, plain and naïve writing with flavors of professionalism, articulation and promotional values added to it for enhancing the business as an