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The article delves in to the changing market structure for marketing a product and its changing imagery for the customers. Beyond the market structures, it is about how making new customers and retaining them for a better sustained ecosystem of a business model. And what all should Marcom agencies need to focus on while planning for an invigorating marketing mix.


Companies seeking to advertise their products and place their brands through local yet far reaching and effective medium, Radio is their medium. But there is always some missing link that needs to be reckon with. The FAQs about radio advertising is what we mean to discuss here in details that can suffice the basic yet important issues companies grapple with while planning for brand promotion, is what we target to answer to in this article.


SEO is a conclusive way to get higher traffic to your web page and thereby, generating more readership, revenue and so much more to your benefit. For the beginners to understand the concept of it all which is obviously more than just adding and playing with the keywords, this article has been compiled.